Your homeowner policy has  limitation on certain individual items, In general the Following limitation exist in most Property insurance: 

Limitations On Certain Personal Property:

Limitations apply to the following groups of personal property. If personal property can reasonably be considered a part of two or more of the groups listed below, the lowest limit will apply. These limitations do not increase the amount of insurance under Coverage C Personal Property Protection. The total amount of coverage for each group in any one loss is as follows:

1. $ 200 Money, bullion, bank notes, coins and other numismatic property.

2. $ 200 Property used or intended for use in a business while the property is away from the residence premises. This does
not include electronic data processing equipment or the recording or storage media used with that equipment.

3. $1,000 Property used or intended for use in a business, including property held as samples or for sale or delivery after sale, while the property is on the residence premises. This does not include electronic data processing equipment or the recording or storage media used with that equipment

4. $ 1,000 Trading cards, comic books and Hummels, subject to a maximum amount of $250 per item.

5. $ 1,000 Accounts, bills, deeds, evidences of debt, letters of credit, notes other than bank notes, passports, securities, tickets, and stamps, including philatelic property.

6. $ 1,000 Manuscripts, including documents stored on electronic media.

7. $ 1,000 Watercraft, including their attached or unattached trailers, furnishings, equipment, parts and motors.

8. $ 1,000 Trailers not used with watercraft.

9. $ 1,000 Theft of jewelry, watches, precious and semi-precious stones, gold other than goldware, silver other than silverware, platinum, and furs, including any item containing fur which represents its principal value.

10. $ 1,000 Any motorized land vehicle parts, equipment or accessories not attached to or located in or upon any motorized land vehicle.

11. $ 2,000 Theft of firearms.

12. $ 2,500 Theft of silverware, pewterware and goldware.

13. $5,000 Electronic data processing equipment and the recording or storage media used with that equipment whether or not the equipment is used in a business. Recording or storage media will be covered only up to:
a) the retail value of the media, if pre-programmed; or
b) the retail value of the media in blank or unexposed form, if blank or self-programmed.

14. $10,000 Theft of rugs, including, but not limited to, any handwoven silk or wool rug, carpet, tapestry, wallhanging or other similar article whose principal value is determined by its color, design, quality of wool or silk, quality of weaving, condition or age; subject to a maximum amount of $2,500 per item.